//Cong. alleges misuse of Govt. machinery for RSS conclave

Cong. alleges misuse of Govt. machinery for RSS conclave

Jaipur, Jan. 28 (PTI): Accusing the RSS of indulging in double talk, the Rajasthan Congress on Friday alleged misuse of government machinery during the saffron outfit’s recent conclave which was attended by several BJP leaders. "While the RSS preached about ethics it did not hesitate in misusing the government machinery for its conclave," State Congress President B D Kalla, said at a press conference here.

Referring to the two-day RSS conclave which was held early this week, the Congress leader claimed that the government machinery were "fully misused" for the purpose exposing the outfit’s "double talk".

Kalla alleged that people from drought affected parts of Rajasthan were fleeing to other states due to negligence on the part of the state government machinery in implementing the relief programme effectively. "The government which had assured to generate over two-lakh man days job has failed to even provide one-lakh jobs," he said.

Kalla alleged that though the government had Rs 890 crores for taking up relief programme, it was deliberately delaying its implementation.