//Indian lensman sues New York Police

Indian lensman sues New York Police

New York, Jan. 25 (PTI): Noted Indian photographer, Ram Rahman, has filed a lawsuit against the New York City Police Department and his landlord, Marco Pasanella, here alleging "wrongful arrest" and a claim for punitive damages of $ 10 million.

Rahman alleged that police entered his loft studio apartment without search warrants and physically searched him for weapons as part of an effort to evict him from his studio where he has lived for more than 26 years. He has also filed a claim for punitive damages worth $ 10 million.

New York police, meanwhile, said in a statement that they are in the process of preparing a response to the plaintiff’s legal complaint. In a statement, Rahman said he takes this incident very seriously given the atmosphere in the United States in which people with Muslim names are targeted.

According to the lawsuit filed by Rahman, police took down his press details and his green card information without a warrant and without making clear what the charges against him were.

Barely 10 days ago, new York Civil Liberities Union filed a similar case against New York police on behalf of Indian filmmaker, Rakesh Sharma. While Sharma was visiting New York, Rahman has been a resident of the city, and his case involves a dispute with the landlord over termination of a lease.

Sharma was questioned and held for six hours. He was searched and his passport was taken, for filming with a hand held camera on the streets.