//Man, son held for `abusive' mail to Narendra Modi

Man, son held for `abusive' mail to Narendra Modi

Man, son held for `abusive’ mail to Narendra Modi

Saturday, Jan 28, 2006,Special Correspondent

AHMEDABAD: The anti-terrorist squad (ATS) of the Gujarat police has arrested a father and son in Delhi for allegedly sending a threatening and abusive e-mail to Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Chief of the squad D.G. Vanzhara said Omar Farookh, 32, and his 70-year-old father Irfan Siddiqui were arrested from their residence at Malaviya Nagar on Thursday. They were brought here on Friday for questioning.

Irfan Siddiqui, who retired as a Union Deputy Secretary 10 years ago, was arrested because the telephone used to send the e-mail was registered in his name.

The police also seized a computer and other equipment.

A graduate of the Delhi School of Economics, Farookh is an employee of a computer company. The police have not been able to find any link with criminal or terrorist organisations.

Mr. Vanzhara declined to give details of the e-mail. He said an ATS team was sent to Delhi twice to check the source of the e-mail.

Only after the police were "doubly convinced" that the message came from Farookh’s e-mail address that the two were arrested.


Man held for threatening Modi by email
Swastika Mehta, NDTV.COM

Friday, January 27, 2006 (Ahmedabad):

A Delhi School of Economics (DSE) graduate and senior executive at a multinational company was picked up from his South Delhi residence by the Gujarat Police.

Omar Farooq Siddiqui was arrested on suspicion of having sent a threatening e-mail a month ago to the Gujarat Chief minister Narendra Modi.

"The context is threatening and is primarily abusive. They have been booked under Indian Penal Code section 67," said DG Vanzara, Deputy Inspector General, Anti-Terrorist Squad.

Sufficient evidence

The police worked for over a week to trace the e-mail back to Omar, and have now seized his hard disk.

"In the cases pertaining to the IT act, the technical evidences are sufficient and any external linkages to the accused will be probed," said Vanzara.

It is a difficult time for the Siddiqui family who are trying to understand what has happened. They say they are innocent and are ready to cooperate with the police.

"We are a family of freedom fighters. Omar is a very secular boy, he does not even read his namaaz," said Dr Farooq, Omar’s uncle.

Legal angle

But legal experts believe many more elements of the case need to be verified. One of them is whether an arrest is justified on the basis of a hate mail.

Senior Supreme Court lawyer and human rights activist Nandita Haksar says that the police’s claim needs to be probed and that Omar should be provided a lawyer.

"This particular person has a job, his father has a job, his sister has a job. It is what we call in legal language – in rooted society. He will not run way. Then why not just ask him?" she said.

"He should be able to get a lawyer. The fact that they want to deny people these basics rights means there is something wrong," she added.

While Omar has been taken to Ahmedabad for investigations, sources say that the police may bring further charges against him.


Father, son detained for sending Modi hate mails Times of India

AHMEDABAD/NEW DELHI: A father-son duo has been detained in New Delhi by the anti-terrorist squad (ATS), Gujarat, for sending hate-mails to Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi.

Omar Farooq Siddiqui, 32, a graduate from Delhi School of Economics, who works as a human resource manager at Delhi-based Advanced Technology Support, was picked up from his residence in Hauz Rani in Malaviyanagar, south Delhi, while his father Irfan Siddiqui, a retired deputy secretary in the government, has been summoned for questioning by ATS.

Omar’s elder brother is a doctor in London while one of his three sisters is a gynaecologist in Kanpur. The other two are part of the faculty at Delhi University.

Omar is accused of sending a one-line e-mail to Modi on [email protected] The mail, ATS officials say, containing abuses and threats had reached Modi on December 24, 2005.

 "The mail had suggested that the authors were against the kite festival that was organised by the Gujarat government on the banks of Sabarmati on January 13," said ATS officials.

When contacted, Omar’s elder sister Farah, who heads the elementary education department in Lady Sriram College said, "Police came to my brother’s house around 4 pm on Thursday and said some e-mail had been sent to some persons in positions of authority."

She claimed that her brother was not guilty. "My brother is innocent. We have complete faith in the system and am sure that nothing wrong will happen to him.

But the investigation will take its own course and time and the family is ready to cooperate with the police in proving that Omar is innocent," she added. Farah is headed for Ahmedabad with her brother and father.

The Delhi Police special cell said the e-mail was sent from a computer connected to Omar’s landline telephone. "The e-mail was found to be sent from Omar Farooq Sidqqui’s personal computer so he was detained and taken to Gujarat.

His father, though not found involved in the case, has also been taken," a senior official of the Delhi police said.



Modi e-mail: Gujarat cops arrest BPO staffer in Delhi

ADITYA KAUL, Indian Express   
Posted online: Saturday, January 28, 2006 at 0108 hours IST

 NEW DELHI, JANUARY 27: Having extensively questioned Omar Farooq Sidiqqui, the alleged sender of ‘‘threatening and abusive’’ e-mail to Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, the police confirmed today that the yahoo account from which the mail was sent indeed belonged to him.

The Gujarat Police arrested Omar early this morning and also summoned his father for questioning in the case.

The mail had been received at Modi’s official e-mail about a month ago. The Gujarat cops say they had kept the e-mail and the phone line used to send it under surveillance.

A three-member team of the Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad landed at Omar’s Hauz Rani residence yesterday afternoon and took both him and his father Irfan Sidiqqui in for questioning at the Special Cell’s Lodhi Colony office.

Omar has now been booked under Sections 507 and 294 of the Indian Penal Code and under section 67 of the Information Technology Act. Officials said he would be flown this evening to Ahmedabad for further interrogation.

The police will also be submitting his laptop and CPU to the Forensic Science Laboratory in Ahmedabad.

‘‘We have summoned his father for questioning too, since the telephone line which was used for sending the mail was registered in his name,’’ said a senior Gujarat police officer.

A 32-year-old Delhi School of Economics’ graduate, Omar worked with an outsourcing firm as the head of the human resources department. His family cannot believe that he could have anything to do with the crime he is charged with. ‘‘He is well-educated and couldn’t have been naive enough to use his own e-mail ID and telephone line to send a threatening and a
busive mail to the Gujarat CM,’’ said a relative.



Modi threat mailer held (The Telegraph)

Ahmedabad, Jan. 27: Gujarat police have arrested a Delhi School of Economics graduate from his home in south Delhi for allegedly sending a “threatening and abusive’’ email to chief minister Narendra Modi.

The 32-year-old executive’s father, a retired deputy secretary, too, is being brought to Gujarat under police custody for questioning.

Omar Farooq Sidiqqui, an MBA, allegedly sent the email a month ago. He is human resources head with a Delhi-based company, Advance Technology Support, and reportedly earns Rs 60,000 a month.

His phone number had been kept under surveillance for some time before he and father Irfan were picked up yesterday in a joint raid by the Gujarat police’s anti-terrorist squad (ATS) and Delhi police, ATS deputy inspector-general D.G. Vanzara said here.

Though the father is not directly involved, he had to be “summoned” to Gujarat because the phone is registered in his name, Vanzara explained.

The duo will be produced before a Gujarat court.

The police have seized Omar’s laptop, which will be sent to the forensic science laboratory at Gandhinagar.

Vanzara refused to reveal the content of the mail, saying “the language is so indecent and filthy that it is not in the interest of the public to publicise it’’.

“We want to understand the mind of this D-school graduate — why such a highly educated person who has also done an MBA and has been drawing a monthly salary of Rs 60,000 (should) write such nasty emails.”

Omar’s elder brother is an MRCP settled in London. One of his three sisters is a gynaecologist in Kanpur and the other two are Delhi University lecturers.

Modi received several threatening emails in the past two years, including one from a Mumbai-based software engineer. The chief minister called the youth to Gandhinagar and told him he had forgiven him. The police didn’t pursue the case.