//Prostitutes refuse to use female condoms

Prostitutes refuse to use female condoms

Say they are too expensive, time-consuming and men don’t like them

A pilot project by the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) has revealed that prostitutes in Mumbai are not happy with female condoms.

The project began in 2003 with condoms supplied by the London-based ‘The Female Health Company’. But most of the prostitutes are not willing to use the condoms because they are not acceptable to their clients and also fearing that they would eat into their earnings.

Initially, the prostitutes were happy because it would offer them protection against AIDS. However, the reaction of their clients changed everything.

When some clients saw the condoms and were told that it would help prevent AIDS, they feared the woman had the dreaded disease and fled.

Secondly, each condom is expected to cost Rs 35/-. This, the women fear, would cut into their earnings. For the project, they were provided condoms free of charge.

Santosh Andhale, Mumbai Mirror, 28 Jan, 2006