//16-year-old sodomised by sadhus for 2 yrs

16-year-old sodomised by sadhus for 2 yrs

Saturday, January 14, 2006, DNA India

RAJKOT: Yet another shocking case of two Swaminarayan Sadhus sexually abusing a 16-year-old student surfaced earlier this week from a gurukul in Ranuj-Piyawa village in Jamnagar district.

The sadhus were arrested on Friday after a medical report proved that the boy was indeed sodomised .

In a bizarre ritual the two sadhus asked ‘Guru dakshina’ from the boy for two years. Dhaval was repeatedly beaten and threatened with dire consequences if he complained.

 "The boy had stopped attending regular classes, complaining of medical problems. I got alarmed when I was told about the complication and asked for an explanation.

That’s when he confessed to the abuse," the boy’s father Yogesh Pandya said as he filed a police complaint against the swamis. Both the sadhus share a name Madhavprakash, the senior one aged 65 and the younger aged 45.

The senior sadhu is supposed to have a long history of sexual harassment and has changed gurukuls five times in the last twenty years, each one for the same reason.

"At one location, parents of a victim had physically threatened him, but he had escaped. What’s more, he shifted to a new town and started another gurukul and practiced the same heinous acts," a source in the police informed.

This is the latest in a series of complaints from Gujarat within the past six months of Swaminarayan sadhus either sodomising young boys or raping minor girls.

Though Rajkot and neighbouring villages are angered and aghast at these ‘acts and feel that the accused should be severely punished, they maintain that it is only a few sadhus who are devious and the community is still sacred.