//Abject poverty responsible for 'armed revolution': Lt Gen Reddy

Abject poverty responsible for 'armed revolution': Lt Gen Reddy

Hyderabad | January 29, 2006 7:40:25 PM IST
‘Armed revolution’ has no place in democracy and it cannot find any solution, according to Lt Gen ARK Reddy PVSM, AVSM (retired).

Speaking at the 10th KS Vyas Memorial Lecture here at Andhra Pradesh Police Academy, Lt Gen Reddy yesterday said that India is considered to be a fertile ground for the sustenance of armed extremism due to the agrarian economy, poverty and large scale unemployment.

Lt Gen Reddy said that due to abject poverty people have become vocal, violent and intolerant. This attitude had sown the seeds for all types of exploitation and misplaced thinking in favour of armed rebellion.

Under these conditions, the armed extremists would indulge in attacking the government machinery, kidnappings, extortions, he said adding that ”In India factional and caste wars further promote not only the lawlessness but also destabilise the government.” Lt Gen Reddy also pointed out that existing institutions are not adequately equipped to handle the growing challenges of internal security in the country. A new institutional structure or agency is required to coordinate the needed transformations to define the strategic framework of internal security operations, he said.

Expressing concern over the issue that several states are confronted with challenge from terrorism due to ”indifferent governance” in the country, Lt Gen Reddy said that some countries are propagating the corrupted theory of `jihad’ to destabilise India.

”The destabilisation of Pakistan and Afghanistan in the system of political establishment have worsened the confrontations that have resulted from the rising religious ferment and ethnic entanglements in the Islamic world,” he said.

Within this complex scenario, a large number of sub-nationalist and terrorist movements and insurgencies have multiplied in the region as they receive steady support from West, primarily from Afghanistan and Pakistan, he claimed.

Lt Gen Reddy alleged that there is now a clear `pan-Islamic’ thrust that seeks to take the conflict beyond J&K to the rest of India. He claimed that in Jammu and Kashmir since 1989, more than 13,500 civilians and 5300 security personnel were killed due to militancy. But the irony is only 62 charge sheeted were convicted till mid 2005.

Speaking on the military handling of the media Lt Gen Reddy claimed that it left a lot to be desired during Kargil operations, that even political leadership and bureaucrats in Delhi were impervious to the importance of informing the people of this country and the world about what was actually going on.

Lt Gen Reddy said in the age of information warfare, it is essential to understand how important it is to deal with media regarding accurate information with attentive need for maintaining security. The media is a force multiplier and must be engaged all the time, he added.

Lt Gen Reddy said the media is an essential component in combating the lawbreakers of sorts. ”They operate without boundaries and even encroach into the privacy of the people in power or authority,” he added.