//Coimbatore Muslim woman promotes communal harmony through Astrology

Coimbatore Muslim woman promotes communal harmony through Astrology

Coimbatore | January 28, 2006 5:19:47 PM IST
If you think astrology is only synonymous with Hindus, think again! For more and more people from the Muslim community are exhibiting keen interest in this ancient profession that uses planetary configurations to predict the future. Shabeerjan, a Muslim woman, is one such person who is taking interest in astrology while promoting communal harmony.

At 45, Shabeerjan lives near Tamil Nadu’s Mettupalayam District on the outskirts of Coimbatore and enjoys predicting the life of people who visit her. Although her house is under the foothills, almost 10 kilometres from the main road, a large number of people visit her to seek a solution to their various problems.

Shabeerjan hails from a family of landlords but enjoys astrology because she has deep faith in communal harmony and respects all religions. As she says, "All Gods are one, the supreme power."

She says her interest in astrology was developed in childhood. Despite being born into a Muslim family, she has a deep faith in Hindu Gods and Goddesses too. Even her forefathers were great astrologers to Kings, who ruled in various parts of India.

At her village, she is treated like a mother by all and is popularly called Bajamma Astrologer. On many occasions, Islamic fundamentalists have advised her, not to carry on with it, but she ignores such suggestions.

The Baiamma astrologer says, that Hindus and Muslims visit here for various reasons. Many Muslims also visit Baiamma to consult her on matrimonial matches and opportune date for starting new ventures.

Earlier, astrology was not popular among Muslims. But, now, it is being seen as a lucrative profession by the community, especially since the advent of computers.

According to Clerics, the astrology, numerology or Sinology, which are related to the prediction of human life, are banned in Islam. They say that if one indulges in this pastime, he is not a true Muslim.

" As I do this for communal harmony, I don’t think it is against Islam. I will continue with this till I take my last breathe, Bajamma counters." (ANI)