//Focus on girl trafficking at women

Focus on girl trafficking at women

Statesman News Service
KOLKATA, Jan. 27. — All India Women’s Conference proposes to concentrate on child and women trafficking and sexual harassment at its annual meet to be held at the Bharatiyam Complex of the Eastern Zonal Cultural Complex (EZCC).
The meet will be inaugurated tomorrow by Governor Mr Gopla Krishna Gandhi. This was announced at a Press conference organised by AIWC today.
Findings of their study, undertaken during their work among the women, will be forwarded to the government for its deliberation and action. “We don’t allow ourselves to be dragged into political controversies. We are a pressure group, an implementing body that seeks to ensure that the many rules and regulations of the government are put into action and works for the empowerment of women,” said Dr Manorama Bawa, president, All India Women’s Conference (AIWC), as she answered a query on the government’s stance on child and women trafficking.
Those present at the conference include Prof. Jashodhara Bagchi, chairman reception committee for the meeting, Dr Jaya Pillai, general secretary AIWC, Mrs Varadappan, senior most patron, and others.
AIWC will deliberate on the year’s budgetary policies and agendas at its meet. Their proposals ultimately will be put before the Standing Committee for its approval. A representative of the body will also participate in the UN General Assembly