//Political Talks In Bangkok with Naga Rebels

Political Talks In Bangkok with Naga Rebels

Bangkok, Jan 29: The Peace talks between the representatives of India and NSCN was held this afternoon in Bangkok city at Plaza Athinie at 5-6 O’clock.

Indian delegation members were Oscar Fernandes, K. Padmanabhaiah and Ajit Lal, IB Jt. Director. The NSCN delegation was headed by its General Secretary,
Chief Negotiator.The prominent leaders Lt. Gen.(Retd) V.S.Atem, Emissary to Collective Leadershp; Rh. Raising, Kilo Kilonser; A.Puni, Executive Steering Com mittee Member, Dr. N. Sonba, Steering Committee Member; Tongmeth Wangnao, Education Kilonser; Alezo Venuh, Dy. Chaplee; Shikato Swu Dy. Kilo Kilonser; Nihoto Chishi Dy. Kionser and others were attended.

In one hour time talk, Indian delegation insisted for extending of cease-fire for another one year beyond January 31. It was also requested that the Government of India needs more time to hammer out a peaceful political solution. Since the Government of India is going to conduct Assembly election in some states, it cannot take any decision on the Naga issue. On the other hand, NSCN has stressed for positive steps towards solution. If Government of India could not take or show any positive steps taken for honourable solution there is no need to extend cease-fire beyond January 31.

The other points, which NSCN has cautioned the Government of India was that it has to check and control the activities of the Indian armed forces, specially the Assam Rifles. If Government of India can assure these two points then only the NSCN will consider the extension of cease-fire. The talk was adjourned till tomorrow’s 3.30 O’clock, which is 30th Jan 2006. Extension of cease-fire will decide in tomorrow’s talk the next round of talk.

Lemyao Shimray, Imphal Free Press.