//Employer held for abetting suicide

Employer held for abetting suicide

(Hyderabad): The employer of two young girls in Hyderabad has been arrested for abetting suicide.

Last week, NDTV had reported about the two girls who reportedly immolated themselves, after being accused of theft. Ten-year old Kavitha and 11-year old Tulasi were admitted nine days ago to Hyderabad’s Gandhi hospital with 90 per cent burns.  Kavitha did not survive the night while Tulasi died three days later.  The two children reportedly immolated themselves because the owner of the house they worked in accused them of stealing gold ornaments. Bhogappa, the employer has now been arrested. "I don’t know anything. I did not beat them," said Bhogappa, an Assistant Commercial Tax Officer with the Andhra Pradesh government. The government however do not seem to have any immediate solution to stop such crimes. "When we look at domestic child labour, it is all behind closed doors. Whatever happens, the government cannot really step in," said G Vinod, Labour minister, AP. A conservative estimate puts the number of children working as domestic labour in Hyderabad at 40,000. However, the issue is not whether children working as domestic labour are being abused or ill treated inside homes. Ideally these children should be in school.