//RSS veteran wants Cong-BJP alliance

RSS veteran wants Cong-BJP alliance

Press Trust of India
NAGPUR, Jan. 30. — Veteran RSS ideologue Mr MG Vaidya has advocated a Congress-BJP alliance in the larger interests of the nation.
In his weekly column Bhashya in Marathi daily Tarun Bharat, Mr Vaidya, a former spokesman of the RSS, said both parties should consider the proposal. “They should seriously think whether to have a truck with divisive, narrow-minded, selfish parties or have common programmes on administrative grounds, in the larger interest of the country’s unity,” Mr Vaidya wrote in the column yesterday.

Citing example of Germany, Mr Vaidya said, Christain Democrats and Social Democrats have almost equal strength in the House and compete with each other but run a coalition government there. This coalition was practised previously also, he said.
“Both the Congress and the BJP should think in such terms. Coalition does not mean leaving one’s own principles. The UPA government is supported by the CPM and their nominee is the Speaker of the House. But has the CPM given up its principles and policies?” he asked.
“This could well be in the interests of the nation. Both have identical policies in economics and external affairs,” he added.

RSS mouthpiece Organiser had recently heaped praise on Congress president Mrs Sonia Gandhi for her leadership qualities.