//Be brave on Kashmir, Musharraf tells India

Be brave on Kashmir, Musharraf tells India

Islamabad:Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has asked India to take "brave decisions" on his self-governance and demilitarisation proposals to resolve the Kashmir issue.

In a meeting with British historian Alistair Lamb on Tuesday, he said the two proposals were "bold and well-considered" in the context of a finding a solution to the Kashmir issue which would be acceptable to Pakistan, India and the people of Kashmir. Musharraf said India would have to take brave decisions in this regard. Lamb in his book titled Kashmir: A Disputed Legacy propounded a theory that British government "conspired" with the Indian union at the time of partition to prevent Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan because it (Britain) needed a vintage point in Central Asia.

Lamb is on an official invitation to speak in different meetings, including in a seminar being organised by the Pakistan government on Kashmir Day, observed by Pakistan on February 5. Lamb said he had been "enormously encouraged" by the President’s ideas, which had rekindled international interest in seeking a settlement of the Kashmir dispute. He also expressed his readiness in finding ways to move forward the process of finding a durable solution to the Kashmir issue.