//HC wants law to deny drunken drivers compensation

HC wants law to deny drunken drivers compensation

Chennai,Feb 1: The Madras High Court today said that a law should be enacted prohibiting payment of compensation to drivers of vehicles involved in road accidents under the influence of liquor.

"It is high time that law makers bring about a legislation prohibiting payment of compensation to such violators of law by whose impudent adventurism victims are only the innocent gullible public," Justice F M Ibrahim Kallifulla said.He was dismissing an appeal filed by a two-wheeler rider Duraivendhan,who sought enhancement of compensation of Rs 28,000 granted by a Motor Vehicles Claims Tribunal in June 2004.

The appellant had sought Rs three lakh as compensation after he sustained injuries following a collision between his vehicle and a school van on July 17, 2002. The tribunal had held that the cause of accident could not be solely attributed to the van driver but also the appellant, who was certified to be smelling of alcohol at the time of the accident by a doctor.He also did not have a driving licence. Upholding the tribunal finding, the Judge said "day in and day out it has been noted that inspite of the trafic authorities reportedly cautioning drivers and two-wheeler riders not to drive under the influence of alcohol, such cautions were being flouted with impunity."