//Kalam traces causes of terrorism

Kalam traces causes of terrorism

Press Trust of India
On Board Air India One, Jan. 31. — President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam today said terrorism emanated from certain long-standing issues, including poverty, and suggested a three-point global plan to tackle the menace.

“I believe terrorism is a phenomenon which comes out of certain long-standing historical issues,” he told journalists accompanying him to a three-nation tour to Singapore, Philippines and South Korea. He outlined a three-dimensional model – (i) educational value system, (ii) transforming religion into a spiritual force and (iii) poverty eradication. “As long as poverty is there, there will be some element of terrorism,” Dr Kalam said.

“We need an integrated solution encompassing the entire world,” he said. Asked how he assessed the prospects of world peace vis a vis the development of nuclear weapons, he said presence of the weapons appeared to act as a deterrent to nuclear war.
“There are 10,000 nuclear warheads. On one side is the US group and on the other is Russia group but nuclear war is not taking place. It looks to me there is a deterrence,” he said.