Award-winning Web site publishes rare photographs of the five thousand year old Indus Valley civilisation…

Harappa.com, award-winning historical and cultural content publisher, recently announced the opening of www.mohenjodaro.net, a Web site that publishes never-before-seen photographs of the excavation of this largest ancient Indus Valley city.

Five thousand year old Mohenjo Daro, which lies in southern Pakistan, was one of the world�s first cities and contemporaneous with ancient Egyptian and Meso-potamian civilisations. It was extensively excavated in the 1920s, but no in-depth excavations have been carried out since the 1960s. On Mohenjodaro.net, one of the leading ancient Indus Valley archaeologists, Jonathan Mark Kenoyer at the University of Wisconsin, shares his best images from 30 years of visits and work at the site.

The launch of Mohenjodaro.net almost coincided with the recent earthquake in Kashmir, in the northern Indus Valley. All pages of the site carry links to major donor agencies.

�Mohenjodaro.net presents scholarly research on this hidden civilisation in an entertaining and accessible format,� said Omar Khan, founder of Harappa.com. �We think the site will continue to appeal to a broad audience, from school children through academics to the history buff and the Indian or Pakistani business executive looking for inspiration from their rich heritage.�

Key elements of Mohenjodaro.net include 103 large format images, an illustrated scholarly essay and introduction, and the most extensive bibliography on Mohenjo Daro available anywhere.

Mohenjo Daro is the largest known ancient Indus Valley city. The ancient Indus Valley Civilisation in India and Pakistan was larger than, and contemporaneous with ancient Egyptian and Meso-potamian civilisations (3500-1700 BC), but much less is known about the ancient Indus people. Their writing has not been deciphered, and even their religion remains a mystery. Nonetheless, exciting new discoveries in both, India and Pakistan are bringing more facts about this Bronze Age civilisation to light.

Harappa.com is an award-winning, 10- year old Web site which is visited by thousands of people each day. It has become the premier place to publish ancient Indus discoveries to a wide audience.

Recently, an Indian team shared a remarkable set of discoveries in Gola Dhoro, Gujarat on the site. The joint Harvard-Wisconsin-New York University �Harappa Archaeological Research Project� team also publishes its latest discoveries from the actual site of Harappa in Punjab, Pakistan on the site.

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