//When tribals took a vow to protect the forests

When tribals took a vow to protect the forests

If Mahatma Gandhi, is remembered for his deep concern for the poorest of the poor, he is also known for his love for plants and trees. In a gesture to pay their tributes to the great leader and social reformist, tribals of Sonbhadra district near Varanasi on Monday took a vow to conserve forests.

Tribals of Nagwan village in Dudhi block of Sonbhadra district took a pledge that they would work towards preventing any loss of trees while observing 58th death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, which is also known as Martyr’s Day. As a part of conservation practice, women folk worshipped the trees. Students tied threads around the trees and took oath to do their best for preserving the trees.

On this occasion, a meeting was also held, in which deep concern was expressed over the gradual decline in the number of trees. It was decided to divide the forest area of the village into four beats. These villagers have already formed groups who keep an eye on the illegal cutting of trees.

"The villagers decided in a meeting to conserve the forest. Therefore, we divided the village into four beats to take care of the forest. There are four committees and a meeting is organised once in 15 days or a month to inquire how many trees have been planted and how many trees have been cut. Then we check every house to find out who has cut the trees and the guilty is punished by the committee," said Ram Kishan Kharwar, observer, Janta Jungle.

Students have been involved in the exercise to prevent illegal cutting of trees. There is a growing awareness among them about the better utilisation of trees. "Trees give us oxygen and wood and we should take care of them," said Anjali, a student. (ANI)