//Draft 'nikahnamah' will be passed by Parliament: AIMWPLB

Draft 'nikahnamah' will be passed by Parliament: AIMWPLB

Lucknow, Feb. 2 (PTI): The All-India Muslim Women’s Personal Law Board plans to get its draft ‘nikahnamah’, which rejects the practice of divorce via SMS, e-mail or telephone, legally registered and also passed by Parliament.

"The advisory committee of the Board is busy drafting the new Shariat ‘nikahnamah’ (marriage certificate) under which the provision of 3 ‘talaqs’ at one go and ‘halal’ prevalent in the community would have no place," AIMWPLB President Shaista Amber, told reporters here during a function to mark completion of one year of the Board. She said the Board would work towards getting legal sanction of the ‘nikahnamah’ prepared by it, getting it registered and also passed by Parliament.

Replying to a question, Amber said ‘halal’ was a mode of ‘aiyaashi’ (moral decadence) used for humiliating women. She said though AIMWPLB was against dowry, it would work towards mobilising people to treat the gifts (‘mehar’) received by the bride as her property. Amber also took strong exception to some ulemas recently saying there were no personal laws for women in the Quran. She said the rights and duties of women had been explicity highlighted in the holy text. "It is this mentality and the continued neglect of women that forced us to set up a personal law board for women," she said.