//Gold rush at a Gujarati village?

Gold rush at a Gujarati village?

VADODARA: It’s a gold rush to trace gold at a non-descript village called Pattan, situated in Panchmahals with villagers claiming that a huge amount of gold was found while digging the foundation of a temple at the village for renovation work, but was stashed away by some workers.

Those who claim to be privy to the entire affair have approached the district collector with a complaint. While the issue has been raked up only a couple of days back, those who complained to the district collector claim that some persons had taken the gold about two months back. The quantity of the gold found is rumoured to be around 20 kilograms. The issue is also likely to be raised with the top brass of the state government. According to sources, villagers of the Pattan village, located about seven km from Lunavada, had collected funds about three months back for renovation of the ‘Saat Maataji’ temple there. About two months ago, workers started digging the foundation for carrying out renovation work on the temple.
If the claims of some villagers are to be believed, it was around midnight on one such day that the some workers reportedly spotted gold in the earth that was being dug. However, one villager, Rajesh Machhi allegedly asked that the digging should be stopped. Reportedly, by the next morning, the gold went missing. The memorandum given to the district collector by some members of the Machhi community that was involved in the renovation alleges that about six workers had decided to distribute the gold amongst themselves. However, Rajesh allegedly became greedy and did not distribute the gold.
Puna Machhi, a resident of the village, has claimed in an affidavit that Rajesh had told him about the gold. Another villager, Ratna Machhi has claimed that he saw Rajesh taking the gold. Interestingly, some of the villagers have ancient brass coins in their possession. The villagers claim that these were also found at the site. Panchmahal district superintendent of police J K Bhatt said that he had received an application regarding the discovery of gold. "We have deputed a senior officer to probe the matter and make a report," Bhatt said. Bhatt, however, added that it could not be told with certainty at this stage if gold had actually been found at the place.