//Days later, Omar walks free

Days later, Omar walks free

I sent the mail but had no mala fide intention, says Delhi-based professional.
Express News Service

Ahmedabad, February 1: “SOMETIMES, even a prank can land you in trouble,” said Omar Siddiqui, the man who was arrested for sending a hate mail to Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Two days after he was pardoned for sending the mail, the Delhi-based professional was finally released from Sabarmati Central Prison on Wednesday afternoon.

‘‘I thank the judiciary and the Gujarat government for reconsidering my case. I had sent the mail but had no mala fide intentions. Sometimes even a prank can put you in trouble,’’ said Omar after his release.

Police have handed over his laptop which was seized from his residence. Omar refused to comment on the delay caused by the government in his release.

The Gandhinagar District Court ordered immediate release of Omar and also instructed the local police to withdraw the case against him. Omar was picked by the Anti-Terrorist Squad for allegedly sending an “abusive and obscene” mail to Modi’s official website.

Omar was however pardoned by the Chief Minister on the grounds that he was a young educated professional who had sent the mail to vent his anger and had no links with any terrorist organisation.

The court on Wednesday admitted the Chief Minister office’s pardon letter and also instructed the Gandhinagar police to withdraw the criminal case registered against Omar.

Appearing on behalf of Omar, L M Laliwala said that the government has realised that Omar is innocent and his mail was just a result of his anger against an invite by the State Tourism Department for the Vibrant Gujarat festival. Omar along with his father have reportedly left for New Delhi.