//Students in lawless Patna form human chain against continued abductions

Students in lawless Patna form human chain against continued abductions

Patna , Feb.4 : Nineteen days after the abduction of a 15-year-old boy, hundreds of school children formed a human chain on Saturday in Patna demanding immediate government intervention.
Nirmalendu Diwakar alias ‘Banti’, a student of class nine at a school in state capital Patna, was abducted in broad daylight from his car. Kidnappers smashed the window of the car, pulled out the driver and sped away to an unknown destination.

Police say they are trying hard to track the abductors but the children are not satisfied.The protestors said they wanted immediate results and Nirmalendu back at the earliest. Saurabh Kumar, a school student, said after such frequent kidnappings, they did not feel safe.“We are not feeling safe due to these kind of kidnappings. (We feel) we can be kidnapped anywhere. I want to request (state chief) Nitish Kumar that proper steps should be taken. We don’t want just sympathy. We want Banti (an abducted child) back,” said Kumar.

“We want to express our concern and solidarity towards the family and school,” said Father Peter, Principal, St. Michael’s School. After a new government took over in November last year, over 60 abduction cases have been reported forcing the state High Court to order a report from the provincial government by February 14. The court observed as shocking unresolved cases of over 11,000 abductions.

Lawyers, doctors and wealthy businessmen have been the prime target of extortionists in the state and hundreds have over the years migrated to safer places or sent their children to boarding schools. usinessmen allege a nexus between kidnappers, local politicians and the state police. Analysts say the situation is so grave that over 10,000 small and big businessmen have fled the state, shrinking the states’ already impoverished economy to abysmal depths