//Childless woman tries to save marriage with abducted baby

Childless woman tries to save marriage with abducted baby

DEHRA DUN, Feb. 4. — To save her marriage, a childless woman had a baby abducted by one of her relatives. Police, though, have returned it to its real mother. Five people, including two women, have been arrested for the abduction of Ramapati’s two-month-old son. On 18 January, the father, a resident of the Kanchi Mohalla of Kanwali Road, informed police at Basant Vihar that Sujan, the baby, had been kidnapped while sleeping in a cot in the courtyard of the family dwelling.
Police came to know on Tuesday night that the baby had been seen in the house of Dashadeen, of Harawala. It was found in possession of Sapna when the house was raided. She was arrested along with her brothers, Monu and Sonu, who broke down and confessed. Sapna married Siyaram some eight years ago. She had become pregnant some time ago, causing Siyaram, who works in Dakpathar, to leave her in the care of her mother in Harawala. But, having suffered a miscarriage and apprehending being discarded by her husband, Sapna started looking for a replacement.
Instigated by her mother, Urmila, Sonu, aided by a friend, Navalkishore, alias Bittu, abducted Sujan for his sister. A tearful Sapna told police, though, that she did not know that the baby had been abducted. She was told that it had been bought for Rs 15,000. “My husband is not going to forgive me for this,” she said remorsefully. With Sujan back home, his parents are happy. The police team that found him has been awarded Rs 17,500.