//Drunk corporate honcho hits, flees

Drunk corporate honcho hits, flees

Mumbai: Yet another lethal combination of money, booze and a fast car has claimed one more life on Mumbai’s roads.

The man behind the wheels was Standard Chartered bank’s Vice President Neel Chatterji, who ran his Mercedes SLK over a watchman crossing the road in Mumbai’s Prabhadevi area and then fled the spot. According to the eyewitneeses, Chatterjee was trying to avoid being quizzed by a traffic cop, and swerved his Mercedes SLK and mowed down Ramakant Dhuri, a watchman of the Datta Mandir in Prabhadevi.

"This car was stopped by a traffic cop and then the driver suddenly swerved and took off. In the process hit this watch-man who was crossing the road," Deepa Mantri, an eyewitness, said. Dhuri was rushed to KEM hospital but was declared dead. A case of culpable homicide has been registered against Chatterjee.

The police say that the corporate honcho was drunk. Chatterjee was, however, not available for comment. Though at the Dadar police station in Mumbai, the officers refused to divulge any information.

"I have told you that I will not say anything unless paperwork is done. Why are you bothering us then," an officer stationed at Dadar station said.

However, Mumbai’s DCP spoke to CNN-IBN and said the case will be dealt with like any other case and the high-profile accused will be treated like any other accused. "The main accused was arrested last night under Section 304. Investigations will be done as they are done for any other such case," Rajesh Kumar, DCP, Mumbai, said.

And it may seem a mere irony that a random Google search Neel Chatterjee turned up a link with him speaking on Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. In fact Chatterjee’s friends who turned up in support seemed to be quite casual about a loss of life and seemed blind to the rage of the bystanders and instead went scooting into the police station for cover.

George Koshy, CNN-IBN 05.02.06