//High Court judge learns law

High Court judge learns law

KOLKATA: In an unprecedented action, the house of a retired judge of the Calcutta High Court was auctioned on the directions of the Supreme Court after he was found to be a beneficiary of a judgment he had given.The house and the land on which it was built in the prime Salt Lake area were sold for over Rs. 50 lakh. The apex
court had ordered cancellation of the allotment of plot to Justice Bhagwati Prasad Banerjee, who has since retired. After the auction, Banerjee expressed his dismay with the bidding process and felt there was a "consipracy" about the whole procedure. He alleged that the Court order was not not complied with properly.t all began two years ago when the Supreme Court, hearing a petition of one Tarak Singh, had upheld the Calcutta High Court order that found fault with the retired judge giving a go-ahead to the West Bengal government for distributing Salt Lake plots under the Chief Minister’s quota.

The judge was the first beneficiary of the Chief Minister’s largesse. In today’s auction, there were ten bidders of whom seven were eligible. In the end, one Pradipt Kumar Murarka won the bid for the house at Rs.30.50 lakh and the land for Rs.20.30 lakh. After the Supreme Court order, the state government had appointed a valuer for the property.