//Now, Saifunissa

Now, Saifunissa

MANJERI: There seems to be no end to Saifunissa’s woes. First her little hut was destroyed by the IUML workers. Then she was ostracised by the IUML-controlled Mahallu committee of Pookoottur for acting as a CPM booth agent in the local body elections. Now her eight-year-old son was brutally attacked by a 50-year-old man. And what was the crime this little boy did? He happened to be a witness against a Muslim League worker, who is one of the four accused in relation to the destruction of Saifunissa’s house. Saifunissa’s son Shajeerali was attacked on Friday noon in front of the Pookoottur Myladi Juma Masjid.

The boy was on his way to the mosque for the Friday noon prayer. Mohammed alias Nani, who is the father of Sulfickar, an accused in the case relating to the destruction of Saifunissa’s house, pounced on the little boy and attacked him using an iron rod. The boy is now recovering from a fracture in his left hand and bruises on his head and face at the Manjeri district hospital. He told this website’s newspaper that he was able to escape from further attacks as he and his 11-year-old brother, who was accompanying him, cried out forcing local people to rush in for their help. The Manjeri police have taken the accused into custody on Saturday morning.

“Before attacking us the assailant threatened to kill me and my mother,” he said. Saifunissa said that all the accused except one was present during the attack. “Political rivalry is common and it may take violent forms. But what is the logic of attacking an eight-year-old in the name of politics? My three kids and myself are under the constant threat of the Muslim League for showing unflinching support to the CPM from a League stronghold,” she said.

Saifunissa says that she invited the wrath of the IUML after she raised voice against allowing a minor, who was a League supporter, from casting vote while she was acting as the booth agent. “From that incident onwards the local leaders of the League have been on a witch-hunt against me. From attacking my house in the wee hours to casting aspersions on my morality they have done everything possible to show their anger against me. They keep telling that they won’t let anyone do party work for the CPM in this League bastion,” she said. The local unit of the DYFI had constructed a house for her after her hut was destroyed. The local unit of the IUML denies the latest charges against the party. Says Adv K Abdurahman, an IUML worker: “This woman is concocting cases against League. She is someone with loose morals and have been excluded from four mahallus in the past.”