//US Especial Forces Harbor in Venezuela

US Especial Forces Harbor in Venezuela

# Caracas, Feb 5 (Prensa Latina) US especial forces are covered up in Venezuela to destabilize the government of Hugo Chavez, denounced the US lawyer Eva Golinger Sunday.

"I have the evidence. Underground especial forces´ contingents covered up" assured Golinger in interview with the Ultimas Noticias (Last News) daily news.

According to the lawyers and researcher that in her book "Chavez Code" revealed the US financial support to Venezuelan opposition, it deals with soldiers trained for especial operations, psychological operations.

She emphasized there is a few persons squad making psychological operations with calculated military strategies to make influence in the public opinion"s perception in Venezuela. Golinger assured the agents are working in different sectors. There are especial forces working with Colombian paramilitary hired to make operations in Venezuela, she pointed out.

She also explained the fact of publishing "Chavez Code" made easier the contact with many sources different from those of the US government and open the way for obtaining the evidences for this accusation.

She also added that besides the US diplomat official recently expelled for espionage there are other US attaché making espionage and trying to recruit traitors in the National Armed Forces.

Golinger also alerted on the possibility of a breaking off of Washington relations with Venezuela as part of the aggressiveness of US authorities when they realize Chavez has the support of the country´s majority.

According to her criteria, the US government arrived to the conclusion that the only way of defeating the government in Venezuela is by using violence or penetrating "chavismo" to self-destroy it.