//Boy buried after set in flames

Boy buried after set in flames

PARALAKHEMUNDI, Feb. 5. — It may sound strange but superstition prevailed upon a family who stopped the funeral of a ten-year-old boy only to bury his half-burnt body later. The incident occurred a few days back in Katika Odia Street at Paralakhemundi.

The boy died after ailing for a few days but his family members were under the impression that the boy had been cursed by a “gunia” (black magician). The medical treatment of the boy was also stopped and he was put under the care of another “gunia”. But the boy could not be cured and he died ultimately.

The cremation of the boy was stopped mid-way after a man who suddenly arrived at the cremation ground asked the funeral be stopped as ‘thakurani’ (goddess) had entered one of the lady in their family and wanted the body of the boy to be buried. Accordingly, the funeral was stopped and the half burnt body was buried and the burial place was guarded by the relatives of the boy for the whole night who feared that their opposite “gunia” may play mischief with the body.ile this incident has become the talk of the town, the family members of the deceased youth say that they have done the right thing by burying the body. — SNS