//Dumping of waste resumes at Njeliyanparambu

Dumping of waste resumes at Njeliyanparambu

KOZHIKODE: The Kozhikode Corporation dumped the waste collected from the city till Saturday at the dumping grounds at Njeliyanparambu on the outskirts of the city as per the decision taken at the meeting convened by District Collector Rachna Shah.

The dumping of waste was suspended on Wednesday after local people blocked the trucks carrying waste alleging that the authorities did not take any steps to prevent smoke emanating from the burning of waste heaps at Njeliyanparambu.

Mayor M. Bhaskaran said on Sunday that the corporation would convene a meeting on Monday to take a decision on shifting of nondegradables, including plastic and glass, which were left after waste was converted into manure at the Njeliyanparambu treatment plant.

Nearly 10 persons were hospitalised last week following complaints of uneasiness after breathing smoke emanating from the burning waste heaps at Njeliyanparambu. The local residents are up in arms against the plant and are demanding that it be shifted to another location.

Mr. Bhaskaran said at the meeting on Saturday that the corporation would construct the roofing of the solid waste treatment plant within three months. This will facilitate the treatment of waste throughout the year, he said. A landfill project will be implemented at the cost of Rs.65 lakhs.

Another project in the offing is the Rs.1-crore green belt project, which will be implemented on 10 acres at Njeliyanparambu, Mr. Bhaskaran said. The meeting on Saturday also decided to provide food and drinking water and treatment facilities to the members of 23 families who were shifted to the Beypore Community Hall.

Steps will also be taken to transport the students staying at the hall to their respective schools.