//Exemplary honesty from policeman

Exemplary honesty from policeman

KANNUR: On 21-01-2006, Friday, my colleagues in the Treasury Department lost their wallet containing thousands of rupees and a costly post paid mobile phone while shopping at Palayam Junction after the training programme at IMG Calicut. It was 6 pm already and my two women colleagues were in a state of shock in an unknown place far away from their native place of Palakkad and Sultan Bathery. With the help of an IMG staff they tried desperately to get connected to the mobile but of no avail.

At last by 9 pm they got a response from one Mr Ashraf V, a policeman working at Mavoor police station. He gave directions for my colleagues to reach his home and promptly returned the purse with the cash and the mobile phone, and assisted them in returning back to the IMG hostel by 10.30 pm.

What an act of honesty from a policeman who in the mindset of the society are having a very low esteem due to the atrocities of some of the men in their department. Not so long ago an innocent, poor man named Udayakumar was tortured to death for asking back his four thousand rupees.

And here is a policeman at Kozhikode returning back valuables worth Rs 6,000 in a jiffy. At least policeman like Ashraf still gives hope to the security concern of the common man in future.

In the name of my colleagues, Devi from Palakkad and Bashira from Sultan Bathery, I salute Mr. Ashraf for his honesty and wish his act might inspire others in his department to aid the common man.

Monday February 6 2006 14:17 IST