//Jamia students join in cartoon protest

Jamia students join in cartoon protest

Jamia (New Delhi): Does freedom of speech give a licence to blasphemy? Muslims say no. Their no is growing louder and at places even violent. Students of the Jamia Millia Islamia joined the protests in Delhi, by marching to the Danish embassy in the Capital.

1500 Students of Jamia Millia Islamia led the march, protesting cartoons of Prophet Mohammad first published in a Danish newspaper. They were lathi charged by the police before they reached the gates. Water cannons and tear gas were used to disperse them.

The protests against the caricatures have been continuing across the Islamic world all of Monday.
In Indonesia, the protests took place in the city of Surabaya, where hundreds of demonstrators threw rocks at the Danish consulate before moving on to the US consulate.

Police fired warning shots to prevent them from ripping a plaque from the wall of the consulate and arrested at least one protester. In Bangkok protestors gathered outside the Danish embassy, some carrying signs reading: "Freedom of Speech Is Not Freedom To Lie" and "Saying Sorry Is Not Enough".

Some speakers hinted at violence, while others called for a boycott of Danish goods.
As a result of the protest, the embassy was closed to visitors until further notice.

On Sunday, Lebanese protesters had set fire to the Danish embassy in Beirut leading to the resignation of Lebanon’s Home Minister Hassan Sabeh. The students are also protesting against a Delhi newspaper which published a cartoon of a girl with a verse from the Quran tattooed on her back.

CNN-IBN, Updated 2246 hrs IST (+GMT 5:30), 06.02.06