//Killers behind wheels, kids beware

Killers behind wheels, kids beware

New Delhi: For many of us, the best part of school life was taking a ride in the school bus every morning, a time to catch up with our friends, and all the school gossip. But for the present generation, travelling in the school bus may just be the most dangerous thing.

A report shows that one out of every four school bus drivers is not skilled to drive.
The drivers of heavy vehicles like buses and trucks do undergo special training and are regularly made to attend a two-day refresher course by Automobile Association of India.

After the course, they will be given a certificate. Their driving licences may not be renewed in the absence of the certificate. There are some basic qualifying tests for driving. But the tests done by Automobile Association showed that many drivers do not even pass the basic requirement of driving on roads,"T K Malhotra, Chairman AAUI, says.

But the results at the end of the course have shocked even the Automobile Association.

Of the 2,572 drivers who attended the course between September and December 2005, 1,200 were school bus drivers. One-fourth of that number failed to make the cut. The results showed that one in every four school bus drivers is not skilled to drive.

Only one of the other 900 scored 60 per cent marks and rest of them just about passed.

"We have asked private contractors to verify the drivers they employ. And they will again undergo a test by AAUI," Malhotra said.

CNN-IBN, Updated 0914 hrs IST (+GMT 5:30), 06.02.06