//Unemployment, the root cause of militancy: Azad

Unemployment, the root cause of militancy: Azad

Chief Minister seeks people’s cooperation in realising his dream of "Khushaal Kashmir"

GULMARG: Citing unemployment and lack of infrastructure as reasons for militancy, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said on Saturday that in the next five years he will make the State a peaceful zone. He sought people’s cooperation in realising his dream of "Khushaal (prosperous) Kashmir."

Laying stress on utilising natural resources to give a fillip to economic development of the State, Mr. Azad promised to make Gulmarg an international all-season tourist destination. At the end of Chief Minister’s Sking championship here, Mr. Azad said "efforts will be made to improve tourist-related infrastructure so that more and more tourists visit Gulmarg not only in summer but also in winter months." He said the focus will be on developing hotel accommodation at Gulmarg. Mr. Azad lauded the efforts of Farooq Ahmed Shah, Chief Executive Officer of Gulmarg Development Authority, in this connection.

Mr. Azad outlined the need to pay attention to building infrastructure and creating jobs for youth.

"Unemployment has caused frustration among the youth and the roots of terrorism lies there," he said.

He said "at the larger canvas of it, joblessness was the greatest factor contributing to frustration and terrorism."

The Chief Minister was confident that 80 per cent of militancy will go "if we are able to give employment to the youth."

The State Government, he said, was also ready to create avenues for self-employment. The Chief Minister regretted that despite the enormous tourism potential the State has not been able to exploit it.

Shujaat Bukhari, Hindu