//Cops probe Komal for shady flat deal

Cops probe Komal for shady flat deal

The Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) is investigating a suspicious flat deal involving Daya Nayak’s wife Komal. She allegedly sold a flat in White Rose building in Bandra, which did not belong to her, for Rs 20 lakh.
ACB officials claim Komal, who faces charges in her husband’s disproportionate assets case, never legally owned the flat. Komal, however, claims she paid Rs 10 lakh for it.“During her interrogation, Komal Nayak said she had bought the flat for Rs 10.05 lakh, but we have not seen any documents that prove this. We are trying to find out why she was given the flat,” said an ACB official who did not wish to be named.
Komal allegedly got the flat from her former employer P Raj Ratnam The actual owner of the flat, Ratan Mukhi, has filed a case against Komal. Komal worked as a personal assistant to Ratnam, who in 1994 took over a company called Garware Paints. The flat in White Rose belonged to Garware Paints. Before selling their company to Raj Ratnam, the Garwares sold the flat to Ratan Mukhi.  After Ratnam took over the firm, he realised the flat had already been sold. To take over the flat, Ratnam allegedly declared Komal a tenant and sold her the house for Rs 10.05 lakh instead of its actual price of Rs 47 lakh. But the ACB insists there was no such transaction. “This transaction never took place. They don’t have any documents to prove it,” said an ACB official.