//'Criminal monkeys' injure 48 children

'Criminal monkeys' injure 48 children

Patna: Already terrorised by kidnappers, the children of Bihata, on the outskirts of Patna, are facing a new threat on their way to school. Over the past week, a gang of 50 moneys has been attacking the terrified children and snatching their school bags. They have left 48 students injured.The parents of these children have now been forced to stage dharnas, demanding that the police take action against the ‘criminal’ monkeys, which used to target adults before moving on to the children.

An officer from Bihata police station said the police face a tricky situation — if they go after the moneys, they could attract criticism from animals lovers and environmentalists. The police have now asked headquarters to supply them with large nets to catch the monkeys, which they can then send to the Sanjay Gandhi Zoological Garden in Patna for ‘rehabilitation’.