//Iran Urges Islamophobia Meeting

Iran Urges Islamophobia Meeting

Teheran, Feb 7 (Prensa Latina) Iran has convened Islamic Conference Organization foreign ministers to an emergency meeting to discuss "Islamophobia."

IRNA news agency said Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki submitted the request to ICO acting President, Yemenite Abubaker al Qirbi.

“Unfortunately, Islamophobia and Western insults to Islamic values and Muslim sanctity is currently spreading through Europe in various forms at alarming speed,” said Al Quirbi.

Iran hosted one of the most violent protests against cartoons featuring Mohammed in European publications, turning the anti-Islam campaign "the top challenge on the ICO´s 10-year program," added the Foreign Minister.

"Disrespect for the holy prophet of Islam has been given broad media coverage like well calculated plots from European states " and some cases even involve government officials, said Al Quirbi.