//Left promises furore during Bush

Left promises furore during Bush

New Delhi, Feb 6 : The Left parties on Monday promised of massive protests during US President George W Bush’s India visit next month. The Left parties have accused the Bush administration of pressurising New Delhi to vote against Iran, a long time friend, at the crucial IAEA board meeting.

“When American President Bush (George Bush) visits India we will have country-wide protest. In Delhi there will be a massive protest demonstration against Mr. Bush,” said senior CPI leader, D. Raja. “In the context of the development of Iran, this campaign will be a very important campaign and this is not only by CPI, this campaign will be organised by all the Left parties,” he added. The Left-wing leaders expressed outrage on Saturday after New Delhi said it had voted to report Tehran to the UN Security Council and have sought a parliamentary debate to decide the country’s stand on the Iran nuclear programme.
The Communists, who provide crucial support to the Congress led UPA coalition government at the Centre criticised the government for voting against Tehran and said the move did not conform to India’s non-aligned foreign policy. The UN’s nuclear watchdog, the IAEA on Saturday, voted to refer Iran to the Security Council. But the top U.N. body will take no action, including imposing possible sanctions, until an IAEA report on Iran is delivered in March.
New Delhi says it voted against old ally Tehran to allow time for more negotiations and to consider Moscow’s proposal for enriching uranium fuel in Russia on Iran’s behalf—a move intended to ensure no fuel is diverted to build Iranian weapons. India’s stand at the IAEA meeting was keenly followed in the light of New Delhi’s growing ties with Washington and a landmark civil nuclear co-operation deal, the success of which was seen by some as tied to India’s vote against Iran at the IAEA. The Left parties also want India to end its support to the West on the Iran issue and want New Delhi to follow the example of the nations of Non-Aligned Movement, which had called for softening the IAEA resolution.