//Tenant murders 3-yr-old

Tenant murders 3-yr-old

NEW DELHI: A three-year-old boy was abducted from outside his Tihar Village residence in Hari Nagar, west Delhi, on Saturday and strangulated.

"Arvind alias Thakur had abducted the child — Rittik — and later killed him before dumping the body in a garbage dump, while co-conspirators — Sohan Singh alias Sonu and Pramod — had made ransom calls to the family," said Neeraj Thakur, DCP (west district). "Our tenant, whom we trusted and treated as a family member, snatched our son away from us," said Shila devi, inconsolable mother of the victim. Arvind had vacated the premises four months back after living there for two years. He maintained good relations with the bereaved family and often visited it. The family doubted him when he voiced his interest in occupying one of their rooms forcefully. About 8.30 am on Saturday, Rittik was playing with his grandmother Prem Devi and ran onto the lane outside. But when she went out to fetch him seconds later, she found him missing.

All attempts to search him were futile. At 11.00 am, an unidentified caller informed the family that Rittik had been abducted and demanded Rs 50,000 for his release. The police were summoned immediately. The next call came an hour later in which the kidnappers hiked the ransom amount to Rs six lakh. "Manoj, a neighbour, had seen Rittik in Arvind’s arms a few minutes after he went missing," said Subhash Chandra, the deceased’s uncle. Arvind sauntered into the locality at 2.00 pm when he was picked up for questioning by the policemen after Chandra alerted them. Arvind confessed that he had abducted Rittik and murdered him late at night.