//Top CIA counter-terrorism officer removed

Top CIA counter-terrorism officer removed

WASHINGTON: Robert Grenier, a highly rated undercover agent, has been stripped of his position as CIA’s top counter-terrorism officer, reports The Washington Post.The change comes amid months of turmoil within the senior management of the Central Intelligence Agency, the report, quoting knowledgeable officials, said. Grenier spent most of his career undercover overseas before taking charge of the Counter-terrorism Center a year ago. He was among the agency’s most experienced officers in Southwest Asia who helped plan the covert campaign prior to defeat of the al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Post reported. But Grenier, 51, described by associates as polished and smooth-talking, was regarded by his boss as being insufficiently forceful in the battle against al-Qaida, the report said. Grenier’s resignation was first reported on The Los Angeles Times Web site, which said he had informed colleagues via e-mail that he’d been asked to leave. Another official said Grenier will be offered a job elsewhere in the CIA.