TEHERAN – A commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards lashed out at German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday over her remarks on Teheran’s nuclear programme, saying she “thinks she’s Hitler.”  “In her childish dreams, Merkel imagines she’s Hitler and thinks that now she occupies the chancellor’s seat she can dictate orders to the world and to free countries,” Commander Massoud Jazayeri was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency.

“We cannot expect anything else from people with a Zionist past,” added Jazayeri, the head of the public relations department of the guards, one of Iran’s most powerful institutions.
Merkel on Saturday charged that Iran had “overstepped the mark” with its nuclear programme after the International Atomic Energy Agency voted to report Teheran to the UN Security Council, paving the way for possible sanctions. Iran, which denies Western allegations it is seeking nuclear weapons, retaliated by saying it would begin full-scale uranium enrichment and limit inspections by IAEA officials.
“They way the Europeans have acted towards Iran’s nuclear case demonstrates the weakness and inefficiency of countries such as Britain, France and Germany,” Jazayeri said. “The European people should ask why the leaders of Britain, France and Germany have become followers of the American cowboy?” he said, referring to US President George W. Bush. The three EU countries were involved in talks with Iran aimed at ending the nuclear standoff but negotiations broke off after Teheran resumed uranium conversion work in August.