//At least 70 people hospitalised after gas leak

At least 70 people hospitalised after gas leak

Rajkot (Gujarat) : At least 70 people were hospitalised after ammonia gas leaked from a tanker, about 10 Kilometres from here, last night. Official sources said that the driver left the tanker on the highway after discovering the leakage. The gas soon spread in an area of around 12 Kilometre around the site affecting at least 200 people. “The tanker leaked on the Jamnagar road. The poisonous gas has affected about 150 to 200 people. Though, we are getting stench here also. There were slums close to the area which have been badly affected and the people are fleeing their houses,” said Narendra Singh, a victim.
Ambulances and fire tenders were rushed to the surrounding villages, and the tanker was sealed with chemicals, officials added. However, the cause of the leak was still not known.