//Mumbai cop caught taking bribe on camera

Mumbai cop caught taking bribe on camera

In Mumbai, Assistant Police Inspector Bhausahib Gaikar, was caught on camera by the NDTV team, misusing his position to extract bribe from an accused. He is posted in Samtanagar Police Station in a Mumbai suburb. Sangeeta Gaba, owner of two travel agencies in the locality, has alleged that Gaikar was blackmailing her for over a year now. With a hidden camera, she recorded his extortion demands, which is now exclusively with NDTV.
Sangeeta: Sir, keep it. I had promised to give Rs 50,000
Gaikar: Don’t keep it on my table.
Sangeeta: Sir, please trust me. I am not like Kulkarni. If you can trust him, why can’t you trust me?
Gaikar: I know him now. Don’t talk to me about him.
Sangeeta: No, you keep it.
Gaikar: Can’t you keep it with you? Don’t you have Rs 1 lakh?
In 2004, Sangeeta was arrested in a cheating case for allegedly selling a car and taking money for it, but never delivering it.
Extortion threats — Soon after she was arrested, the extortion began. Gaikar threatened that she will be charged with all kinds of crime, if she did not pay up. Even her brother was made an accused. And a scared Sangeeta had no option. She paid up nearly four lakhs in bits. Some of the evidence is also on audiotapes, recorded by B S Kulkarni, Gaba’s family friend, who was acting as a go-between."Gaikar said he wants Rs 7 lakhs. But she said she could not give that much. So he threatened to lodge more cases against her. Finally the matter was resolved when she agreed to give Rs 5 lakhs," he said. Then in January 2005, though Sangeeta got out on bail, the extortion did not stop. And that’s when she decided to take on the aggressor. "I know that even after complaining to his seniors, the matter would not be solved. That is why I approached the media so his seniors can see how the police extorts money from the people," she said. But when the NDTV team contacted Gaikar for a response, he refused to face the camera. Off camera he said that if Gaba can prove her charges, he will put in his papers