//Woman beheads son for demanding meal

Woman beheads son for demanding meal

KOLKATA: Angered by the pestering of her hungry son, a woman in a West Bengal village beheaded the six-year-old and then tried to hide the severed head in a haystack. Local reports on Friday said Jamuna Biswas of Panditpur in the Hanskhali area of Nadia district committed the crime a day earlier and later confessed before police who arrested her. "The meal was not ready then. My son Rony was nagging for food. I lost my cool and hacked him to death with a da (a sickle)," the woman said. Two other sons – Raja and Rana – escaped the woman’s wrath but eldest son Raja said his mother tried to kill him as well though he managed to run away when she was in a fit of rage.

  Nadia police superintendent R Rajashekhar said the woman used to get angry very quickly and would lose her mental balance. The boy’s father, a rickshaw puller, said his wife was hot-tempered but the crime was beyond his imagination. The crime was witnessed first by the boy’s aunt who passed out at the horrifying scene of the woman hacking her son. Her screams alarmed the neighbours, but before they arrived Jamuna hid the head in a haystack and washed her hands. She tried to attack the neighbours as well but they overpowered her and tied her to a pole before handing her over to the police.