//World's first Islamic business university in Kuwait

World's first Islamic business university in Kuwait

The world’s first Islamic business university is to be set up in Kuwait with an aim to popularise islamic banking and business concepts.

The university, which is aimed at coping with rising need for specialists in the Islamic business system, would be a major step towards meeting economic goals of the muslims countries,reports "Kuwait News".

Sheikh Salman Al Dawood Al Sabhah, Chairman of the Kuwait’s International Investment Group alman Al Dawood Al Sabhah said the university will impart training to experts in the islamic concept of economy. This is necessary to meet the demand of increasing numbers of Islamic investment companies and banks.

Islamic banking has already become popular in the muslim world.

Sheikh Salman al Sabha said that last year the Gulf region had witnessed establishment of scores of investment companies and banks that are following the Islamic system. This is why the initiative was taken to work on this project,which would take up specialisation to meet requirements of Islamic investment markets all over the world, The Kuwait News, which is published by the Kuwait Information Office, said.