//Birds proving a menace for Kerala airport

Birds proving a menace for Kerala airport

Friday, February 10, 2006 (Thiruvananthapuram):Birds are posing a serious threat to aircraft at the Thiruvananthapuram international airport in Kerala.With the airport complex a favorite jaunt for birds, many are worried about bird hits and the safety of planes."It has to be eradicated at any cost because it not only affects the environment of the airport but also endangers aircraft and human lives," said Natrajan, Director, Thiruvananthapuram Airport. About 30 international and domestic flights land and take off from the Thiruvananthapuram airport daily. Urgent steps are needed to clear the area.

The number of birds here is increasing steadily because of huge garbage dumps nearby.
Steps suggested Many steps like taking action against illegal slaughterhouses, prohibiting hotels from dumping garbage in the area and covering drains with concrete slabs, have been suggested."Once there is a bird hit there will be casualty. We will have to take some measures to prevent this. We are on the way," said N Ayappan, District Collector. Although the environment committee of the airport has recommended a series of steps to make this area a bird-free zone, nothing much seem to be happening on the ground.
Clearly the authorities will have to address the safety needs of aircraft and passengers more seriously before it’s too late