//Films for Peace : A Multivenue Film Festival

Films for Peace : A Multivenue Film Festival

Multivenue Film Festival on American Wars and Crimes on bush’s india visit The unipolar, globalised world is witnessing unilateral attacks on   nation states and communities. The empire’s scorched-earth policy that   devastated Vietnam,Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Korea, Somalia, Indonesia,   Laos, Cambodia and many countries in Latin America is now aggressively   pursued in Afganistan and Iraq. The next stop may be Iran or Syria.  
India, once a champion of world peace and non-alignment is now being  drawn into the group of cheerleaders of global aggression. India is  hobbnobbing with the US for better market deals, nuclear technology and a global stature, but ignoring the collateral damages of US  aggressions.  
In this context, we have collected a package of 8 documentaries  expressing concern on communities across the world that suffered the  wars and crimes of the US-led empire. We would like to reach out to  groups all over the country with this package along with a poster and  a pamphlet so that the `concern for human dignity’ can be expressed.  
`Concern for Human Dignity’ is a network of groups and individuals in  different parts of India, committed to peace and dignity.  
Those  who would like to screen these films and create space for  action against war  in their towns and cities can get in touch with  our team.  

for Concern For Human Dignity Team  
Anivar Aravind  
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