//Here Hindus are buried, not cremated

Here Hindus are buried, not cremated

JKendrapara (Orissa): Some traditions become so unique to a place that – despite many generations passing between them – they die hard.

In Orissa’s Kendrapara’s Rajkanika village, there is an age-old and a unique tradition where Hindus are not cremated but buried after death.

In this remote village, nearly two lakh Hindus do not cremate their dead, like Hindus elsewhere, but bury them. And they have no clue why they follow this custom.

“This has been the tradition here. I do not know why we do it, but everyone here does it," Resident, Rajkanika, Snehalata Jena, says.

In Rajkanika, Hindus here prefer to build structures on the grave in memory of their loved ones. Some say one of the kings of the state had ordered that that cremation would be the exclusive right of the royal family and the others would have to bury their dead.

But another school of thought believes the practice is a fallout of natural calamities striking this region frequently.

"This area is inundated by flood for four months in a year. The people do not get wood to cremate so they bury," Local sarpanch, Amitabh Karan, says.

Whatever be the actual reason behind the practice – that sets them apart from the customs followed by the community in the rest of the country – the people here are continuing with this unique tradition.

UNIQUE TRADITION: No one knows why, but Hindus in an Orissa village bury and nor cremate their dead