//Kidnapped man returns after 70 years

Kidnapped man returns after 70 years

Kendrapara: Kidnapped people sometimes return to their families days or months after being abducted. However, here is a story of a victim being reunited with his family after being missing for 70 years.

The word homecoming holds a special meaning for Dhoi Singh.This 71-year-old was kidnapped from his village by a woman who did not have children when he was just one-year-old.

For years, Dhoi lived with the woman, thinking she was his mother. However, five years ago, on her deathbed, his foster mother told him the secret that she had kept from him for almost 70 years.

"She called me to her and said that she had kidnapped me from my village when I was a baby. I had always thought that she was my mother," says he. Though Dhoi’s native village was only 30 kilometers away from where he was, it took him five years to convince his real family that he was actually related to them by blood.

His brother Alekh Rout says, "It’s a God’s miracle. I am very happy to see him. I am glad that village elders backed him and convinced us that he was actually my brother." Dhoi has been accepted by his family, but not before a purifying ritual at the village temple because villagers said that he had been living with a lower caste family for so many years.

However, Dhoi is happy. For him, it’s a homecoming – one that he wouldn’t have dreamt of.

(With inputs from Jajati Karan)
Prasant Swain, CNN-IBN, Updated 1642 hrs IST (+GMT 5:30), 11.02.06