//Ayodhya temple construction in '06: VHP

Ayodhya temple construction in '06: VHP

Ashok Kumar, Indian Express,: Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 1455 hours IST

New Delhi, February 11: Champat Rai, Joint General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, talked at length with Ashok Kumar of Express Online disclosing the plans of the rightist organisation in relation to the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya to their relationship with BJP, Congress, Commies and its outlook towards the Muslims.

I never said that we are going to start the construction of temple in 2002 but yes the construction of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya may very well start before the end of the year 2006.

The Canadian expert, who worked on behalf of the Tojo Vikas International solicited by the Govt on the direction of the court in his GPRS survey report hinted out at the remains of the huge building. It was later confirmed by the ASI committee constituted under the directions by the court, which verified the experts theory on the maximum number of points.

The report has been submitted to the court, which accepted as it said the same would be taken on record subject to objections by oral evidences. Once that process is over the judgment will be delivered.

Currently the case is with the courts and hopefully soon they will come out with the judgment. But we are not a party to the case in the courts. According to my knowledge there are 25 parties involved with the suit but VHP is not one amongst them.

It is quite premature to ask why VHP did not become a party in the litigation over the disputed Ram Janam Bhoomi site he declares, with a glint in his eyes. We will let the Hindus know our purpose of keeping away from the ongoing case.

We have not deceived people’s faith. We are like always for the construction of the temple. It does not make much difference if the BJP was in power or not. The situation (security) around the temple is such that no body willing could even venture into the few yards of the disputed campus. But as soon as the opportune time comes we will translate our preparedness into reality.

Yes we are not happy with BJP as a party because it did not come true to our visions. For us it was a failure, which could not deliver on either of our demands be it abrogation of the article 370, Uniform Civil Code, protection of cows or eviction of 3 crore Bangladeshi immigrants, who are playing a spoilsport with the limited and already shrinking job opportunities for youth.

We have appealed to the people of the country to boycott the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh who have sneaked into the country in several crores. We have asked the people to follow total social and economic boycott of this section and people across the country are duly paying heed to our advice.

We have a proper membership in around 50,000 villages spreading across the length and breadth of the country. We are as much popular in south and north as we are in the east and west of the nation.

BJP did not deliver us on the issue of cow protection. They could have brought the subject in the concurrent list. But they just could not deliver and we are certainly not happy over this.

For us BJP and Congress are names of two different parties without much difference. But congress is worse in an aspect that it has turned into a bunch of worthless sycophants, who are ready to even go against the nation at the behest of the party Chief Sonia Gandhi, who was born in the foreign land.

Sonia Gandhi came to the country as a daughter in law of this country. She should not cross that identity and keep herself away from the politics of the country. Look VHP is a social organisation and we are content at just fulfilling our social obligations. We justify our organisation 100 per cent in his deeds towards the Hindu society.

I suggest the Indian Muslim scholars to penetrate deep in their quest for truth and search their history and roots. They will then themselves realize that they are not alien to Hindus. Even as we believe in proclaiming Hindu as a way of life I would say that the word Hindu of VHP indicates to that majority which proclaim itself as Hindus.

Communist are worth no salt, as they draw their inspiration from outside the nation and from Congress who is headed by a foreigner. We welcome the takeover of Rajnath Singh at the helm in the BJP. He is a personal friend of mine and a good person.

Dalits! For us there are no Dalits in the Hindus. We do not accept the existence of any kind of Dalits in the Hindu society. Yes discrepancies did creep in the Hindu society during the course of time but we would not like that unfortunate section of the society to call as Dalits. VHP is trying to remove that stain. The so-called Dalits are warriors in our eyes, who withstood the test of time against Muslims and kept themselves away from embracing Islam.

We look towards these marginalized sections, who remained unbent in the wake of absolute poverty but did not change their religion.