//Competition launched in Iran for best Holocaust cartoon

Competition launched in Iran for best Holocaust cartoon

Artists have been invited to take part in a competition launched today, calling for cartoons depicting the Holocaust. The Iranian newspaper "Hamshahri" wants to test the principles of freedom of expression. Graphics Editor Farid Mortazawi said: "Our purpose is to examine the limits of freedom of expression. The West claims that freedom of expression has no limits and we want to know whether they are honest or not."

The dispute was prompted by cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed which first appeared in a Danish newspaper. Pia Kjaersgaard from the Danish People’s Party says the vilification of her country has gone too far. "I think people have become more nationally aware of what is going on," she said, "what we can’t tolerate is the insult to our flag." Demonstrations have been seen across the Muslim world over the last two weeks.

The EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, travels to the Middle East today in an attempt to restore the links destroyed by the last fortnight of controversy and violence.