//Misinterpretation of Sharia must be removed: conference

Misinterpretation of Sharia must be removed: conference

Hyderabad: A women’s conference organised by the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind concluded here with a call to fight against social evils and adhere to the Islamic and Sharia way of life.

Women scholars at the two-day event stressed the need for Muslim women to follow Sharia which is basically meant to enhance the image of the Muslim women. The conference, which concluded here last night, observed that Islam has given equal rights to women and men and the misconception and misinterpretation of Sharia must be removed.

The educated class should shoulder the responsiblity of bringing awareness among the innocent women who were being exploited of their ignorance about the Islam, the speakers said.

"Islam has given right to women in deciding her future, including chosing her husband, education, separation and right to inherit her parents property etc," Prof Zeenat Kausar, Islamic University of Malaysia, said adding that human rights is the basic tenets of Islam.

The conference which was attended by about 25,000 women from across the country, adopted resolutions against the publication of cartoons of Prophet Mohammed, spreading of AIDS and also condemning India’s vote against Iran in IAEA, the organisers said.

The conference which was inaugurated by Prof Abdul Haque Ansari, discussed a wide range of issues including dowry, female infanticide, social and economic rights of women, they added.