//No entry for Clemenceau: SC

No entry for Clemenceau: SC

New Delhi: Finally, the verdict is out on the controversial toxic French warship ship.The Supreme Court has said that the decommissioned warship Celmenceau cannot enter Indian waters.SC has also banned any demonstration or articles for or against the ship and said that such demonstartions amounted to trail by the media and will be viewed as a contempt of the Court. In announcing its verdict the Apex Court has rejected the report of its own monitering committee, which said that the ship can be allowed into the Indian waters.

The Court said that the monitering committee was not a group of experts who could decide on the toxic wastes that were on the ship. Centre has been directed to form a new committee comprising of experts who are well versed in the construction and destruction of warships. It said that the committee should have about four to five members preferably people who have worked with the dockyards.

On Sunday CNN-IBN had reported that seven out of 10 members of the monitering committee were in favour of allowing the ship to be dismantled in India. But many environmentalists feel that asbestos-carrying French carrier is a huge environmental hazard.